Part 1 - Beer Breweries State, City, Brand Label A-O

This is a list of breweries, their city and state produced, brands and names of beer that were in business between 1935-1960. Any beer cans found with these labels will likely be of some collectible value because of the sifted dates. Since the most valuable beer cans to a collector generally range from 1935-1960, many of the brands listed here are collectible. The breweries listed here were producing at least from the 193 5 date. They could still have been in operation before 1935 or even after 1960, but this list shows beer cans produced from 1935-1960. most likely these breweries and brand labels produced beer in cans within the 35-60 time frame. This would mean most (if not all) of the breweries listed here were at one time producing at least a flat top, cone top, crowntainer or J-spout at some time period. This was a lot of research on my part. There were some states I couldn't get any info on for that time period. I may try to update this and dig deeper in the future but for now, it's a pretty good list for checking out collectible brands of beer cans from within a time period where collector cans are most sought after. If nothing else it's just fun to check out your state!

State Name of Brewery Location City Years of Operation Labels, Brands of Beer
Arizona The Arizona Brewing Company Phoenix, AZ 1933- 1964 A-1, Sunbru, Apache, Elder Brau All Malt Beer, The Stately Brew, Dutch Treat, Lancer’s A-1, Van Lauter Beer, Ruser, Argonaut, Snowcrest, Harlequin, Einbock, Elder Brau, JF Lancer’s Beer
Arkansas Mount Carbon Brewery Mount Carbon, Arkansas 1935-1976 Mount Carbon Beer, Mount Carbon Ale, Double Pilsener Beer, Mount Carbon Half & Half, Mount Carbon Bock, Mount Carbon October Beer, M.C. Ale, M.C. Bock, M.C. Porter, M.C. Beer, Franklin Ale, Mount Carbon Porter, Bavarian Type Beer, Old German Beer, Old Bohemian Beer, Dix Club Beer, Old Dutch Beer, Franklin Beer, Lord Salisbury Ale, Old Fashioned Beer, Club Society Beer, Bavarian Type Bock, Bavarian Beer
California Acme Brewing Company San Francisco, CA 1906-1954 Olympia Beer, Acme Beer, Acme Lager, Acme Bock, Old Bohemian, Franciscaner Beer
California Rainier Brewing Co., Inc. San Francisco, California 1933-1953 Ranier Beer, Ranier Jubilee Series, Rheinlander, Sick’s Select, Heidelberg
California Salinas Brewing & Ice Co Salinas, California 1934-1938/td> Salinas Steam Beer, Salinas Lager, Salinas Beer
California Monterey Brewing Company Salinas, California 1938- 1942 Monterey Light, Monterey Beer Dark, Monterey Ale, Monterey Bock, Rodeo Beer, Surfside Lager, Cypress Beer, Mac’s Special Lager
California General Brewing Corporation San Francisco, California 1933- 1978 General Velvet Glow Pale Dry Beer, General Cream Ale, General Vintage Brew
California Lucky Brewing Company Azusa, California 1949-1963 King Snedley’s Beer, Lucky Lager
Colorado Zang Denver's Vienna Export, Free Coinage Export, Pilsner Export, Silver State Cabinet, XXX Export, Tivoli Beer, Aristocrat, Big State Beer, Denver Beer, Aspen Gold, Walter's, Harlequin, Hi En Brau, Canadian Ace Beer, Becker's, Uinta Club, Golden Velvet, Jet Malt Liquor, Top Hat Beer, Tivoli Western, Gold Belt, Bohemian Maid, Snappy Beverage, U.S. Ale, Repeal Beer, White Ribbon, Tivoli Bock, Tivoli, Carlsberger, U.S. Beer, Lucky U, Aristocrat, Tivoli Repeal, Coors Pilsener, Coors Export, Coors Bock, Coors Golden, Coors Banquet, Coors Beer, Coors Light, Coors Winterfest, Killian's Irish Red, Herman Joseph's
Connecticut Aetna Brewing Company Hartford, CT 1865-1947 Weiner Beer
Connecticut Barnum Brewing Company Bridgeport, CT 1852- 1936 Barnum Ale
Connecticut Bridgeport Brewing Company Bridgeport, CT 1856- 1941 Pioneer Ale
Connecticut Connecticut Valley Brewing Company Meriden, CT 1887-1935
Connecticut Cremo Brewing Company New Britain, CT 1903- 1955 Old India Pale Ale, Cremo Lager Beer, Cremo Beer, Sparkling Cremo Ale, Cremo Sparkling Beer
Connecticut Hull Brewing Company New Haven, CT 1852- 1977 Hull’s Lager Beer, Hull’s Light Beer, Dingle Bay Cream Ale, Hull’s Ale, Hull’s Capall Ban Lager
Connecticut Largay Brewing Company Waterbury, CT 1874- 1947 Red Fox Beer, Red Fox Light Beer
Connecticut Merrimack Brewing Company Lowell, Massachusetts 1955 Connecticut Yankee Lager Beer, Connecticut Yankee Ale
Connecticut New England Brewing Company Hartford, CT 1897- 1947
Connecticut Old England Brewing Company Derby, CT 1897- 1941 Old England Ale, Old England Lager, Old England Cream Ale Beer, O
Connecticut Waterbury Brewing Company Waterbury, CT 1901- 1939 Clock Ale
Connecticut Wehle Brewing Company West Haven, CT 1884- 1943 Mule Head Beer, Wehle Mule Head Stock Ale, Wehle Pale Ale Trumps Beer, Colonial Wehle Ale, Cab Cream Ale, Ox Head Beer
Connecticut Weibel Brewing Company New Haven, CT 1859- 1936 Weibel’s Light Ale, Imperial Extra Pale Beer
Florida The Florida Brewing Company Tampa, Florida 1896-1961 La Tropical Beer, La Tropical Ale, La Tropical Bock, FLA Beer, FLA 6, GA, ALA, Tropical Golden Beer
Florida Southern Brewing Company Tampa, Florida 1934-1957 SB Beer, Silver Bar Ale, Silver Bar Premium Ale, Silver Bar Sparkling Ale, Silver Bar Premium Lager Beer
Florida International Breweries Inc. Tampa, Florida 1956-1963 Silver Bar Straight Ale, Silver Bar Ale, Silber Bar Beer
Florida DeSoto Brewing Company Tampa, Florida 1934-1935/36 De Soto Beer, Colonial Ale
Florida Joseph Schlitz Brewing Co. Tampa, Florida 1958-
Florida Anheuser Busch Inc. Tampa, Florida 1959-1995
Florida Atlantic/Marlin/National Atlantic Brewing Co. Orlando, Florida 1937-1954
Florida Marlin Brewing Co. Orlando, Florida 1954-1956 –
Florida National Brewing Co. Orlando, Florida 1956-1961 Atlantic Ale, Marlin Beer, Marlin Green Hornet Ale, Marlin White Label Beer, National Bohemian, National Bohemian Light Beer
Idaho DeLuxe Brewing Company (previously Sunset Mercantile Co) Wallace, Idaho 1946-1949 Gem State
Illinois Prima Brewing Company Chicago, Illinois Old Missouri Brand Beer, Prima Ale
Illinois Manhattan Brewing Company Chicago, Illinois 1893-1947 Old Manhattan
Illinois Canadian Ace Chicago, Illinois 1947-1968 Canadian Ace, Colonel Tyson, Gold Brau, Holly, Koenig Brau, Land of Lakes, Malt Mellow Tonic, Reidenbach, Special Formula 12, 21 Century Bock, Canadian Ace Ale
Illinois Pabst Woodridge, Illinois 1844- Current Pabst Blue Ribbon, Ice Man Malt Liquor, St. Ides High Gravity, McSorley’s Old Ale, Pabst Blue Ribbon Light, Pabst Genuine Draft, Pabst Genuine Draft Light, Pabst Select, Best Select, Olde English 800, Pearl Lager Beer
Indiana F. W. Cook Evansville, Indiana 1885- 1955 Cook’s Augustiner Beer, Cook’s Goldblume Beverage, Cook’s Goldblume Beer, Cook’s Ale
Indiana Boeher Brewing Company Lafayette, Indiana Boeher Lafayette Beer
Indiana Terre Haute Brewing Company Terre Haute, Indiana 1889-1959 Anton Meyer’s Lager Beer, Champagne Velvet, Velvet Ale, Velvet Bock, Velvet Half & Half, Velvet Beer, Champagne Velvet Ale, Champagne Velvet Draught Beer
Indiana K.G. Schmidt Brewing Company Logansport, Indiana 1874- 1951 First Premium Beer, KG Schmidt’s Beer, Bock Beer, First Premium Lager Beer, Schmidt’s Bock Beer
Indiana Berghoff Brewing Corp Fort Wayne, Indiana 1887-1954 Berghoff Beer, Holiday Brew, Berghoff Bock, Berghoff 1187 Bock, Berghoff 1887 Beer, Berghoff Beer Berghoff Bock Beer, Berghoff Dortmunder Style Pale Ale, Berghoff Light Beer, Berghoff Picnic Beer, Berghoff Picnic Size, Berghoff Ale, International Club Ale, Berghoff Malt Liquor, Hoff Brau Ale, Hoff Brau Beer, Hoff Brau Dark Beer, Berghoff Pale Dortmunder Beer, Hoff Brau Light Beer
Indiana Kamm and Schellinger Co., Mishawaka Indiana 1870 - 1951 Premona Beer, Arrow Beer, K&S Bock, K&S Standard Beer, Kamm’s Prize Beer, Premona Beer, Kamm’s Draught Export Beer, Draught Picnic Beer, Draught Pilsener Beer, Export Dark, Export Light, Kamm’s Fine Beer, Kamm’s Lager Beer, Kamm’s Pilsener Light, Black Label Beer, Kamm’s Bock, Kamm’s Ale, Kamm’s Export Beer, Kamm’s Pilsener Beer, Copper Beer, Skil-Bru Beer
Indiana Muessel Brewing Co South Bend, Indiana 1852- 1966 Silver Edge Beer, Burberry Ale, Muessel’s Export Beer, Nine Star Lager Beer
Indiana Hoff Brau Brewing Corp Fort Wayne, Indiana 1887-1954 Hoffbrau Stout, Hoffbrau Ale, Hoffbrau Bock, Hoffbrau Beer, Gold Star Ale, Gold Star Beer
Indiana Lafayette Brewing Inc Lafayette, Indiana 1933-1952 Ye Tavern Brew, Tavern Beer, Ye Tavern Bock, Ye Tavern Draught Picnic Beer, Tippecanoe Beer, Kopper Kettle Beer
Indiana Lieber Brewing Corp Indianapolis, Indiana 1933-1948 Lieber’s Gold Medal Beer
Indiana Kiley Brewing Co Inc Marion, Indiana 1933- 1950 Old Dublin Stout, Patrick Henry Ale, Patrick Henry Beer, Patrick Henry Bock, Patrick Henry Half & Half, Patrick Henry October Ale, Patrick Henry Special Light Beer, Patrick Henry Stout, Kiley’s Half and Half, Limerick Ale, Patrick Henry Draught Picnic Beer
Indiana Sterling Evansville, Indiana 1877-1964 Rheinhold Ale, Target Beer, Sterling Ale, Sterling Bock, Sterling Beer, Drewry’s Ale, Drewry’s Half Ale Half Stout, Drewry’s October Ale, Sterling Sup Bru Pilsner Beer, Sterling Super Bru Beer, Golden Autumn Ale, Lug O Ale Ale, Mickey’s Malt Liquor, Sterling Pilsner Beer, Sterling Beverage
Kentucky Oertel Louisville, Kentucky 1906- 1964 Oertel’s 92, Oertel’s Brew Cream Beer, Oertel’s Lager
Louisiana Jackson Brewing New Orleans, Louisiana 1891- 1970 Jax Beer
Maryland Gunther Brewing Company Baltimore, MD 1900-1960 Gunthers Beer, Gunther Extra Dry Beer, Gunther Premium Dry Beer
Maryland National Brewing Co. Baltimore, MD 1872- 1979 National Bohemian Beer, Colt 45 Malt Liquor, National Premium Beer, National Ale, National Bohemian Bock Beer, Old Bohemian Pale Ale, National Bohemian Pale Beer,
Maryland The Cumberland Brewing Company Cumberland, MD 1890- 1976, Cumberland, MD Old Export Beer, Old Export Light Beer,
Maryland Fort Pitt Brewing Company Baltimore, MD 1906- 1957 Fort Pitt Special Beer
Maryland Queen City Brewing Cumberland, MD 1901 (as German Brewing Co)- 1974 Queen City Beer, Old German, Fischer’s Beer and Ale, Kings XX Ale, Goldcrest 51, Gamecock Cream Ale, Gamecock Premium Beer, Tudor Beer and Ale, Brown Derby, Old Dutch, Arrow, Heritage House, Richbrau, Queens Brau, American, Old Export
Maryland American Brewery Baltimore, MD 1863-1973 American Beer, American Nut Brown Ale, American Shannon’s Cream Stout
Maryland Arrow Beer/ Globe Brewery Baltimore MD 1748- 1963 Arrow Bock Beer, Arrow Premium, Arrow Imperial, Arrow Beer, Arrow Imperial Lager, Arrow English Style Ale, Eigenbrot’s Modern Growler Ale
Maryland Freestate Brewing Baltimore, Maryland 1900 to 1950 Free State Beer, Free State Lager Beer
Maryland Baltimore Brewing Company Baltimore, Maryland 1855 to 1935 Baltimore Brew
Massachusetts Boston Beer Co. Boston, Massachusetts 1828 – 1957
Massachusetts Haffenreffer & Co/ Boylston Brewery Jamaica Plains, Massachusetts 1870- 1964 Haffenreffer Beer, Pickwick Beer
Massachusetts Commercial Brewing Company Charlestown, Massachusetts 1906- 1940
Massachusetts Croft Brewing Company Roxbury, Massachusetts 1933- 1953 Narragansett
Massachusetts Harvard Brewing Company Lowell, Massachusetts 1893- 1953 Export Beer, Green Label, Fully Aged, Harvard Ale, Clipper Ale, Harvard Porter
Michigan Albert Brewing Company Detroit, Michigan 1935- 1938 Albert Lager, Alicawber Ale
Michigan Altes Brewing Company Detroit, Michigan 1948- 1954 Altes Golden Lager Beer, 7/11 Beer, Altes Double Bock Beer
Michigan American Brewing Company of Michigan Detroit, Michigan 1934- 1939 Cream Top, Cream Top Old Style
Michigan Ann Arbor Brewing Company Ann Arbor, Michigan 1937- 1949 Cream Top, Cream Top Old Style, VanDyke Beer, Town Club Beer, Ann Arbor Old Tyme Beer
Michigan Auto City Brewing Company Detroit, Michigan 1933- 1942 Auto City Beer
Michigan Banner Brewing Company Saginaw, Michigan 1934- 1938 Banner Beer
Michigan Bay City Brewing Company Bay City, Michigan 1934- 1973 Grand Old Beer, The Finest, Finest Lager, Imperial Crown Ale
Michigan Bosch Brewing Company Houghton, Michigan 1934- 1936 Bosch Bock, Bosch Edge
Michigan Cadillac Brewing Company Detroit, Michigan 1934- 1936 Cadillac Beer
Michigan Carling Brewing Company Frankenmuth, Michigan 1956- 1976 Carling Black Label, Bock Beer
Michigan Chippewa Brewing Company Manistee, Michigan 1937- 1942 Chippewa Lager, Chippewa Beer
Michigan C& K Brewing Company Detroit, Michigan 1933- 1935 Nottingham Ale, C&K Gold Label Lager
Michigan Delta Brewing Company Escanaba, Michigan 1933- 1940 Buckingham Ale, Delta Special Ale, Bock Beer, Pioneer Beer, Hiawatha Draft Beer
Michigan Detroit Brewing Company Detroit, Michigan 1933- 1949 Oldbru Beer, Detroit Premium Pale Beer, Oldbru Gold Top Beer
Michigan Ekhardt & Becker Brewing Company Detroit, Michigan 1935- 1944 Ekhardt & Becker Beer, Ekhardt & Becker Steinie, Ekhardt & Becker Bock Beer, Ekhardt & Becker Holiday
Michigan E&B Brewing Company Detroit Michigan 1944- 1962 E&B Light Lager, E&B Bock
Michigan Flint Hill Brewing Company Flint, Michigan 1934- 1938 Viking Royal Lager, Genuine Bock Beer, Schuper Fine Lager
Michigan Food City Brewing Company Battle Creek, Michigan 1933- 1942 Food City Beer, Vienna Beer, Old Plymouth Ale
Michigan Friar’s Ale Brewing Company Port Huron, Michigan 1945- 1950 Friar’s Ale
Michigan Fox DeLuxe Brewing Company Grand Rapids, Michigan 1940- 1951 Fox DeLuxe, Alpine Pilsner, Patrick Henry
Michigan Frankenmuth Brewing Company Frankenmuth, Michigan 1933- 1954 Old Frankenmuth Lager, Old English Ale, Gold Medal Beer
Michigan Goebel Brewing Company Alpine, Michigan 1936- 1964td> Goebel Beer
Michigan Gorney Brewing Company Flint, Michigan 1935- 1936 Malt Lager Beer
Michigan Grand Rapids Brewing Company Muskegon, Michigan 1934- 1946 Muskegon Pilsner, Hi-Brau, Export Brand Ale, Lake State Beer
Michigan Grand Valley Brewing Company Grand Valley, Michigan 1934- 1945 Friar’s Premium Ale, Friar’s Ale, Clix Stout, Friar’s Porter
Michigan Haehnle Brewing Company, Inc. Jackson, Michigan 1934- 1937 Old Hill Top Brew
Michigan Honer Brewing Company Battle Creek, Michigan 1933- 1939 Silver Foam Beer
Michigan C. Kern Brewing Company Port Huron, Michigan 1933- 1944 Kern’s Cream, Export Special, Piper’s Ale, Old Dominion
Michigan King’s Tavern Brewing Company Flint, Michigan 1938- 1939 King’s Tavern Ale
Michigan Ph. Kling Brewing Company Flint, Michigan 1935- 1947 Kling’s Beer, Kling’s Lager, Kling’s Bohemian Beer, Kling’s Premier Beer, Kling’s DR Premier
Michigan Kolb Brewing Company Flint, Michigan 1933- 1939 Bay City, Kolb Crystal, Export, Kolb Beer
Michigan Koppitz- Melchers, Inc. Detroit, Michigan 1934- 1947 Black Out, Black Velvet
Michigan Manistee Brewery Company Manistee, Michigan 1933- 1936 Manistee Brew
Michigan Marx Brewing Company Wyandotte, Michigan 1933- 1936 Pilsner, Picnic Beer
Michigan Menominee- Marinette Brewing Company Menominee, Michigan 1933- 1961 Bock Beer, Craft Beer
Michigan The Michigan Brewery Inc. Sebewaing, Michigan 1960-1965 Pom Beer
Michigan Michigan Brewing Company Grand Rapids, Michigan 1935- 1940 Old Michigan Beer, Old Michigan Bock
Michigan National Brewing Company Saginaw, Michigan 1933- 1941 National Beer, National Lager, National Leader Beer, Xmas Brew
Michigan Old Holland Brewing Company Detroit, Michigan 1935- 1939 Old Holland Bohemian, Empire Ale, Empire Half & Half
Michigan Park Brewing Company Hancock, Michigan 1933- 1940 Elite Beer
Michigan Pfeiffer Brewing Company 1933- 1962 Holiday, Wurzburger, Famous Label
Michigan Phoenix Brewing Company Bay City, Michigan 1933- 1951 Phoenix Lager, Phoenix Beer
Michigan Regal Brewing Company Detroit Michigan 1933- 1938 Regal Beer, Regal Lager
Michigan Schemm Brewing Company Inc. 1934- 1938 Pilsner Beer, Hunter’s Ale, Red Seal
Michigan Schmidt Brewing Company 1933- 1951 Famous Beer, Sparkling, Bock, Schmidt’s Beer, Natural Brew
Michigan Sebewaing Brewing Company Sebewaing, Michigan 1934- 1960 Sebewaing Stock Ale, Sebewaing Old Style Beer, Sport Beer, Club Lager, Sebewaing Beer, Golden Pheasant
Michigan Silver Foam Brewing Company Battle Creek, Michigan 1933- 1939 Silver Foam
Michigan The Stroh Brewery Company Detroit, Michigan 1933- 1978 Bohemian Style, Bock Beer
Michigan Tivoli Brewing Company Detroit, Michigan 1933- 1948 Lager Beer, Pale Ale, Double Bock, Pilsner
Michigan Valley Brewing Company Flint, Michigan 1949- 1952 Heidelburg, Michigan Club
Michigan Valley City Brewing Company Grand Rapids, Michigan 1935- 1940 Valley City Beer, Lohman’s, Ace High Beer
Michigan Voigt- Pros’t Brewing Company Detroit, Michigan 1936- 1938 Pros’t Beer
Michigan Von Brewing Company Detroit, Michigan 1933- 1935 Von Beer of Distinction
Michigan The Wayne Products & Brewing Company Detroit, Michigan 1933- 1937 Alt Pilsner, Champagne Beer
Michigan White Seal Brewing Company Flint, Michigan 1939- 1947 White Seal, Keg-O-Beer
Michigan Wolverine Brewing Company Pontiac, Michigan 1933- 1943 Rhein-Brau Beer, Rhein-Brau Bock, Wolverine, Chief Pontiac
Michigan Wyandotte Brewing Company Wyandotte, Michigan 1936- 1937 Nine Castle Ale
Michigan Ypsilanti Brewing Company Ypsilanti, Michigan 1934- 1941 Vogt German Lager
Michigan Zynda Brewing Company Detroit, Michigan 1933- 1948 Zynda’s Lager Beer
Michigan Geyer Brothers Brewing Company Frankenmuth, Michigan 1933- 1986 Frankenmuth Beer, Frankenmuth Lager Beer
Michigan The National Brewing Company of Michigan Altes, Michigan 1954- 1973 Altes Golden Lager, Double Bock
Michigan Soo Brewing Company Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan 1937- 1943 Su-Bru
Minnesota Hamm’s St. Paul, Minnesota 1865-1972 Hamm’s, Hamm’s Premium, Hamms’ Golden Draft, Hamm’s Special Light, Master Brew,Excelso, Preferred Stock, Burgermeister, Grand Prize, Ryte Tyme, Apropo, Waldech, Buckhorn, Zumalweiss, Master Brew, Oldbru, Export, Value Line, Golden Lager, New Brew
Minnesota Yoerg's Brewing St. Paul, Minnesota 1865-1972 Cave aged beer, Yoerg's bock, Yoerg's lager beer
Minnesota Jacob Schmidt Brewing St. Paul, Minnesota 1865-1972 Natural Brew, City Club, Dunklbrau, Pfieffer, Natural Process Export beer, North Star, City Club Special, Les Kouba scenic series, Schmidt's Select
Minnesota Gluek Brewing Co. Minneapolis, Minnesota 1865-1972 Stite, Special Stite, Pilsener Pale, Summer Special, Winter Special, Gluek Stout, Pilsenbrau, Gluek's bock, Gluek stite, Glix malt liquor
Minnesota Fitger's Brewing Co. Duluth, Minnesota 1865-1972 Legion beer, Nordlager, Fitger's Natural, Fitger's Rex, Royal Brew, Karlsbrau, Royal 57, Royal 58, Moose beer,Malt extract.
Minnesota August Schell Brewing Co. New Ulm,MN 1865-1972 Deer Brand, Steinhaus, Malt Tonic, Carbonated mead, Schell's bock, Schell's near beer
Minnesota Grain Belt Brewing Co. Minneapolis,MN 1865-1972 Premium, GBX, Storz, Triumph, White Label, Golden Grain juice,Zumelweiss, Golden
Minnesota Kiewel Brewing Co. Little Falls,MN 1865-1972 White Seal, Kiewel's strong,Kiewel's standard beer, Split beer, Grain Lager, White Rose
Missouri Budweiser/ Anheuser Busch St. Louis, Missouri 1876- Current Red Wolf, Otis Hard Lemon, B Killarney’s Red Lager, Pacific Ridge, Natural Light, Budweiser, Tequiza, Ziegan Bock Amber, Bud Light, O’Douls, Bud Ice, Spiced Heat, Rolling Rock, Land Shark Lager, Budweiser Lager, Michelob, Michelob Light, Busch, Bud Dry, Bud Silver, Bud Select, Bud Extra, Bud American Ale, Bud Light Lime, Bud Light Golden Wheat, Budweiser 66
New Hampshire
New Jersey The G. Krueger Brewing Company Newark, New Jersey 1858-1961 K’s Finest Beer, K Beer
New Mexico
New York Iroquois Buffalo, New York 1842-1971 Indian Head Ale, Indian Head Beer, Iroquois Beer, International Iroquois Beer, International Iroquois Ale, Iroquois Draft Ale, Iroquois Draft Beer, Iroquois Indian Head Beer, Tomahawk Ale, Phoenix Beer, Stolz Beer, Bavarian’s Select Beer
North Carolina
North Dakota
Ohio Stang Brewing Company Sandusky, Ohio 1852- 1962 Crystal Rock, Old Timers, Gold Bond
Ohio The Bruckmann Brewing Company Cincinnati, Ohio 1856- 1950 Big Ben Ale, Brucks, Aristocrat Cereal Beverage, Jubilee Beer, Dixie Beer
Ohio The Burger Brewing Company Cincinnati, Ohio 1880- 1973 Burger Beer & Ale, Red Lion Ale, Tap Beer
Ohio Clyffside Brewing Company Cincinnati, Ohio 1846-1957 Felsenbrau Beer, Hi-Cliff Beer, Old Hickory Ale
Ohio Hudepohl Brewing Company Cincinnati, Ohio 1850- 1987 Christian Moerlein Cincinnati Select, Chevy Ale, Hudy Delight Beer, Ludwig Hudepohl Bock/Oktoberfest Beer, Hudepohl 14-K Beer
Ohio Hudepohl-Schoenling Brewing Company Cincinnati, Ohio -1996 Burger Beer, Christian Moerlein Cincinnati Select, Hudy Delight Beer, Little Kings Cream Ale, Hudy Gold, Mt. Everest Malt Liquor, Burger Light
Ohio Jackson Brewing Corporation Cincinnati, Ohio 1829- 1942 Jackson Cream of Cincinnati Beer, German Brand Bohemian Style Beer, ’62 Pilsener Beer, Old Jackson Cincinnati Beer
Ohio The Red Top Brewing Company Cincinnati, Ohio 1863- 1955 Barbarossa Beer, Wunderbrau Beer, Red Top Beer/Ale
Ohio The Schoenling Brewing Company Cincinnati, Ohio 1934- 1986 Little Kings Cream Ale, Top Hat Beer, Schoenling Lager Beer
Ohio The Vienna Brewing Company Cincinnati, Ohio 1832- 1940 White Cap Beer, Bohemian Type Lager Beer, Big/Little Dutchman Lager Beer, Vienna Style Lager Beer
Ohio Pilsener Brewing Company Cleveland, Ohio 1892- 1963 Extra Pilsner Beer P.O.C., Gold Top, Extra Pilsener Beer, Pilsener Dark Lager
Ohio Cleveland Home Brewing Company Cleveland, Ohio 1897- 1946 Black Forest Beer, Sonny’s Beer
Ohio Standard Brewing Company Cleveland, Ohio 1904- 1961 Erin Brew, Old Bohemian Beer
Ohio Carling Brewing Company Cleveland, Ohio 1933- 1971 Carling Black Label, Red Cap Ale
Ohio Christian Diehl Brewing Company Defiance, Ohio 1870- 1955 Diehl Beer, Centennial Beer
Oregon Salem Brewery Association Salem, Oregon 1902-1943 Salem Beer, Frank T. Schmidt’s Salem Beer
Oregon Sick’s Brewing Company Salem, Oregon (previously the Salem Brewery Association) 1943-1953 SeaBrew, Brew 66, Sick’s Select


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